Opening hours

Every day from 8 am to 11 pm

Every day from 8 am to 10 pm (kitchen from 11.30 am to 8 pm)

If you are arriving outside opening hours kindly make your reservation in advance please



Suomi Camping Oy and Yyteri Resort & Camping are committed to the principles of sustainable tourism.

As a sign of our commitment to environmentally responsible activities, we have granted an EkoCompass Certificate.

As a recognition of valuable and long-term work for sustainable tourism, we have been granted Sustainable Travel Finland label. 

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The terms of booking and booking cancellation

Services or equipment can be booked in person or by phone, in written form or on the electronic booking system.


Accommodation period in cottages starts at 4 p.m. and ends at 12 noon.


Accommodation period in tourist vans and tents starts at 3 pm. and ends at 2 pm. Camping cottages booked beforehand will be reserved for you until 6 p.m., if late arrival was not agreed on.


Booking and cancellation policy

Booking and cancellation policy (PDF)

Accommodation and cleaning the cottage

The cost of accommodation includes the right to use a residential unit, as well as equipment provided for this residential unit. Clients should use bed sheets, sleeping bags, etc. Bed sheets can be provided for extra cost at the reception.


Normal final cleaning is included into the accommodation cost of camping cottages (cottages with no toilet or shower). The client is expected to empty the fridge and carry empty bottles and garbage out to a waste collection point. If you have rented bed linen, please leave them stacked on the top of the bed.


Final cleaning for holiday cottages in Yyteri costs 50 EUR.


You can order final cleaning when you book the cottage. If you prefer do the final cleaning yourself, it includes the following: dishwashing, wiping of tabletops, floor sweeping (or hoovering) and taking the empty bottles and garbage out to a waste collection point. If you have moved furniture, please put them in their original places. If you have rented bed linen, please leave them stacked on the top of the bed. Take the foodstuff you have brought with you or take them out to a waste collection point.


You order final cleaning or cleaning middle of you stay from reception.


The service provider can charge the final cleaning costs afterwards, if the Client has left the cottage without cleaning.

Booking interruption related to disruptive behavior

If a Clients or a guests behavior does not conform to the general organizational rules established at the camping site or the instructions handed out by the camping site's personnel, and if, despite the notifications or warnings of the camping site?s representative, the Client does not stop disturbing the order and safety at the residential building he rented or at its surroundings, the camping site has the right to immediately cease to provide the Client with the accommodation services. All actual expenses caused by the aforementioned measures are paid for by the guest.

Damages, defects and complaints

All faults of equipment or the state of the residential building should be immediately made known to the camping sits personnel so that they could fix them or compensate for them, if possible. If the unfavorable factors cannot be fixed or compensated for right away, it is necessary to send a complaint concerning this situation to the address of the Suomi Camping Oy. Complaints filed later will not be treated.


A Client should also immediately report and fix damage they caused to the residential building, other buildings of the camping site or its movable property. If damages are not timely reported, the loss is later calculated according to the price list in effect: the guest bears full responsibility for the state of an accommodation unit they booked during the whole period of stay.


The service provider is not responsible for problems caused by third parties (for example, failure in water or power provision, in telecommunication or television networks).

Number of persons

The maximum number of people allowed in one residential area equals to the number of sleeping accommodations and additional beds. The number of people should be indicated in the application no later than during check-in at your arrival, and this number cannot be exceeded.

Passenger Card

You can make the checking in faster, by filling, printing and signing the Passenger Card in advance. Remember to take it with when you arrive to the camping site ->  Passenger Card 

Minors and young customers

Minors are welcome to stay at our camping site. We require that every minor staying at the camping has with them a free-form permission slip from a guardian or one sent in advance by email. The permission slip must also contain the guardian's telephone number. All guests staying in the cottage are jointly and severally liable if the property is intentionally broken or stolen. We also report any vandalism to the guardians and also to the police.

From the beginning of September until the end of May, the person who makes a reservation and at least one guest must be 24 years old or older. The age of the guests can be checked at anytime during the stay. If none of the guests meet the minimum age, the reservation can be cancelled without refund.


Pets are allowed in the cottages, but you need to inform this beforehand. Make sure you have your pets own bed. Pet fee is 10?/staying in camping cottages, and 10?/night (max 30?) in holiday cottages.


Smoking is allowed only outside.

For smoking indoors, service staff has the right to charge an extra fee associated with cleaning and ventilation expenses. 


If your arrival is cancelled, cancel your booking immediately by phone or by email. You can read more about our reservation and cancellation policies from the pdf file "Booking and cancellation policy" below.


When and how I can cancel my reservation?

If the arrival is cancelled the booking must be cancelled immediately by phone or by email. Most cases cancelling is working 24 hours before arrival.

If it is a paid booking, you can ask for a refund on the email address

You need to inform your last name, the booking number and the period of accommodation.

Cancellation fee of 20 euros will be charged.

Reservations made through booking channels other than ours (e.g. must be canceled directly from their website. These reservations may also have different cancellation conditions that you have accepted at the time of booking, please look at them carefully before attempting to cancel the reservation.

Read the cancellation policy here 

Can I bring pets to the area?

Pets are welcome to our camping site! Pets are also allowed in the cottages, but you need to inform this beforehand. Make sure you have your pets own bed. Pet fee is 10?/staying in camping cottages, and 10?/night (max 30?) in holiday cottages. The fee does not compensate any damages the pet might have done or any extra laundry expences.

Is it possible to check-in before 4pm?

Check-in time for the cottages is 16:00. Check-out time for previous guests is 12:00. If we have cleaned the cottage before the check-out time, we can make it available to you earlier.

Can a minor accommodate in cottages?

Minors are welcome. We require that each minor guest must have a free consent form from his or her guardian with him or her or have it sent by email in advance. The form must also include the guardian's telephone number. 


All persons staying in the cottage are jointly and severally liable in the event of intentional damage or theft of furniture. We will also report any vandalism to the guardians and, if necessary, to the police.


Can there be more people in the cottage than there are beds?

The maximum number of persons allowed per accommodation unit is equal to the number of beds and extra beds. The number of persons must be declared on the passenger's registration form at the latest at check-in and may not be exceeded. However, an exception may be made in the case of a small child.

Can I book a specific cottage number?

Unfortunately, we are not able to make reservations directly by cottage number.


You can always request a specific cottage number and we will put it in your reservation as a wish. Please note that unfortunately we are not always able to fulfil your request.


For bookings made through the online shop, all requests regarding the number of the cottage, its location and any other requests such as cots for the baby, can be made in the "more information" field in the customer details..

Is it okay to use my own grill in the terrace of the cottage?

Barbecues and bonfires are prohibited outside of campfire sites. There are several fireplaces in the area where fires may be built, taking into account any forest and grass fire warnings.

Do I need to reserve a place for my camper or tent in advance?

We recommend booking in summer in advance. The easiest way to book directly from our online shop (the up-to-date reservation status is visible there). 


If you send us a reservation request for a campervan pitch by e-mail, we recommend that you include the following information immediately so that the reservation can be made easily: number of persons, dates of accommodation, whether there are discount cards and whether you want to make a reservation for Lammenranta, Valtti, Hiekka or Lawn pitches..


For those arriving with a tent, we need the number of people, dates of accommodation, whether there are discount cards and whether you are booking a tent pitch, tent + car parking or tent + car parking with electricity.  

How close is the sandy beach of Yyter?

Yyteri Resort & Camping is only about 200 meters from the sandy beach of Yyteri.

Is there a restaurant in the area and is breakfast included in the price?

In our area you will find the summer restaurant Ulappa, which is open during the summer season. Opening hours and menu can be found on the Services -page.

Breakfast is not included in the price of our accommodation. Breakfast is available in the summer season at the Ulapa summer restaurant, adult 12 EUR and child 6 EUR (4-7 years). 

Is there public transport to Yyter and easy access to the city centre?

We are easily accessible by bus directly to the centre of Pori and from the centre to us.

Bus number 34 runs daily to Yyter about once an hour from morning to midnight.


From 5 June to 9 August 2023, line 44 will also run, which is the most direct and fastest line to Yyter. This year the bus will run from Yyteri to Reposaari..


See timetables in the route guide