The Yyteri campsite features various camping options for caravans and tents. As our caravan pitches with electrical outlets are exceedingly popular in the summertime, we recommend booking your pitch in advance.

The Yyteri campsite includes plenty of tent sites. You can book your site in advance or from our reception during opening hours. In July and during special events, we do however recommend making reservations in advance, as our tent places may sell out. With a car + tent place, you can drive your car into the campsite and park right next to your tent.


The Yyteri campsite offers various caravan pitches for recreational vehicles and caravans. All caravan pitches available for advance booking include electricity.

Lammenranta pitch

  • Electrical outlet
  • The pitches are located on the shore of our Lake Ruutujärvi, next to the gravel pitch
  • These pitches are intended primarily for RVs
  • The pitch includes a dedicated deck

Valtti pitch

  • Täyden palvelun paikka (sis. Kesäkaudella vesiliitännän, viemärin, sähkö- ja tv-liitännän.)
  • Asfalttipohjainen puustoisempi alue
  • Läpiajettavat paikat, helppo ajaa alottelevammankin karavaanarin.
  • Välittömästä läheisyydestä löytyvät niin leikkipuistot, huoltorakennukset, grillipaikat kuin kävelyreitti hiekkarantaankin.

Nurmi pitch

  • Electrical outlet
  • Nearby to the Valtti pitches, where you can find a walking path to the beach.
  • The lawn pitches remain in good condition in rainy conditions as well. Heavily wooded area.
  • Short distance away from the service buildings.

Hiekka pitch

  • Electrical outlet
  • Nearby to our Lake Ruutujärvi.
  • An open gravel pitch offering plenty of sun!
  • This area includes a few pitches suitable for particularly long vehicle combinations / vehicles, which you can inquire about from our reception.
  • Our annual and summer season pitches are located in the gravel area.

Korpi pitch

  • Electrical outlet
  • Small wooded area
  • Also suitable for longer vehicle combinations / vehicles.


The campsite of Yyteri Resort & Camping offers plenty of space for tents. In the summer season, we recommend booking your tent site in advance.

You can freely choose your place within the area, as long as you keep a distance of 4 meters from other campers and buildings.

Our campsite also offers a limited number of car + tent places that include electricity. When you book a car + tent place, you can drive your car into the campsite and park right next to your tent. 

Campers have access to the campsite's service buildings offering kitchen and grilling facilities, as well as the numerous fire pits on site.


The site includes several service buildings, which are available to our guests staying in camping cottages, tents, or RVs round the clock.

The service buildings include toilets, showers, facilities for cooking and washing dishes, drinking water outlets, and dining areas. The Rantavehnä service building also includes an area with a fireplace and a laundry room. The laundry room includes washing machines and a tumble-dryer you can pay to use with your telephone.

The campsite also includes disposal facilities for waste-water from recreational vehicles with a single disposal point for gray water and two disposal points for chemical toilets.


Yyteri Resort & Camping also offers long-term accommodation on the site. You can choose from various seasonal or annual pitches. Ask more about the options from our reception. 

Winter season

-Winter season from from 1 September to 30 April -Winter season pitches are located in the Valtti area or Hiekka area

Summer season

  • Summer season 1 May to 31 August
  • Summer season pitches are located in the Hiekka area

Annual pitch

  • 12 months
  • Annual pitches are located in the Hiekka area
  • ...